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Earned wage access lets employees access a portion of their earned wages before payday.

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What is earned wage access?

Flexible access to earnings

Earned wage access is a tool that lets employees withdraw money that's been earned ahead of their usual payday. Think of it as giving employees the flexibility to get paid daily or weekly. It all happens on the Jem WhatsApp line where all of our other tools are, like payslips and comms. 

Not a loan

Earned wage access is not a loan. Any amount paid during the month, is deducted from their next payslip. Earned wage access comes at no cost to the employer but provides employees with an affordable alternative to expensive payday lending. 

Eliminate loan requests

Earned wage access takes the effort out of administering loans. It takes the financial burden off your company, streamlines the admin process and lightens your workload. 


Let employees access their earnings when they need it most

Earned wage access is a lifeline for employees facing unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or transport costs. It can help employees address these emergencies without resorting to high-interest loans or credit card debt - or missing work.

98% of advances are used for emergency expenses like transport.
Reduced loan requests by 100%



Saves 10hr payroll time weekly



Reduced loan requests by 100%



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"You’ve done so much this year, I don’t know how it can get better.  I just love Jem!”

Luthando Ndlela headshot
Luthando NdlelaFinancial Administrator, The Oryx Group

"Jem is the best thing WastePlan has given us. It has made our Jobs so much easier. Our teams know what is going on in the company, and those payslips!"

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Danisile KhumaloContract Manager, Wasteplan

"If you believe in a product - you are always willing to give good feedback. This product has saved us a lot of time and money but the main benefit I have seen is actually being able to connect with our employees. It is a beautiful thing - being able to directly contact any of your employees at a click of a button."

Nicole Hart
Nicole HartFinancial Administrator, Prosec

"We've received really great feedback from our employees since we launched On-Demand Pay. It's really helped them avoid loan sharks and get out of debt."

Allistair Gardener
Allistair GardenerHR Manager, Lasec

"Jem is an incredibly powerful tool - it plays a key role in our culture and communication strategy. It enables us to communicate workplace policies and procedures effectively, send out communications and newsletters, conduct surveys and push our culture strategy across our business. Easy payslip distribution is an added bonus!"

Pieter Wiid
Pieter WiidGroup HR Manager, Econo Foods

"Our employees love it! When they are on lunch, they log into the WIFI in the store and check out what is going on in Jem, without us asking them to. They check it themselves, and they are excited to see if there are any updates for the day. I can’t tell you how much you have helped us."

Ntombi Magashe
Ntombi MagasheHR Manager, KFC Albimix

"‘I love Jem.  We went from 100+ payslips queries every month to less than 2 every month. The convenience is just great and our employees love it.’’"

Nwabisa MtonganaPayroll Administrator, Ceramic Industries

"Before we joined Jem, we used to process 80 staff loans a month and it was an admin nightmare. Now, we just send our employees to Jem when they are in financial stress. It has been such a pleasure and our employees absolutely love it."

Leana PretoriousSenior Payroll Partner, Mukuru

"Jem gives our employees the opportunity and dignity to not have to divulge their financial situation to their managers. It provides them with access to funds in a controlled environment with small service costs. We would do a disservice to our employees if we were to stop using Jem."

Malcolm Smith
Malcolm SmithCFO, Retailability

"Jem has rocked our world here in our HR department at DoubleTree by Hilton Cape Town! What used to take a great deal of time, now takes a 10th of that time – issuing of payslips literally takes a few minutes per month!"

Roxanne van Eck
Roxanne van EckGroup HR Manager, DoubleTree Hilton

"Jem helped our company streamline the payroll process and drastically improve how we communicate with our employees. It’s cost effective and a much needed solution for all companies with deskless employees. Our employees love it and so do we!"

Charlene Adolph
Charlene AdolphHead of HR, Frankwen Forge

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