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Rebrand Frequently Asked Questions

Your SmartWage/Jem service will continue uninterrupted. We will continue to service our clients exactly as before, with some administrative changes detailed below.


HOW DO I GET IN CONTACT WITH MY ACCOUNT MANAGER? Our email domain has changed to  You can contact any of our account managers using our new email domain e.g.
WHEN SHOULD I CONTACT THE JEM CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAM FOR ANY OF MY QUERIES? If you have last minute terminations or employees absconding, you can email our customer success team who will be able to action the change manually and on an ad hoc basis. They can also let you know of any outstanding employee balances if any. Our customer success team will be able to help with most employee queries should they come your way. Their email address is
DOES MY DASHBOARD URL CHANGE? Yes, your dashboard is now located at The old dashboard URL will be redirected to the new one going forward.
HOW DO MY EMPLOYEES GET IN CONTACT WITH THE JEM CUSTOMER SUCCESS TEAM? All of our contact details will stay the same for your employees. For any telephonic queries, employees they can call 087 058 0944 or WhatsApp our customer service team on 060 083 1090, as they always have in the past.
WILL THERE BE ANY CHANGES TO THE INVOICES I RECEIVE FROM SMARTWAGE (NOW JEM)? There will be a new name and logo on our invoices going forward. Our statutory name will still be “SmartWage” however, we will trade as “Jem.” This means your invoices will be headed in the following way: “SmartWage trading as Jem.”
WILL THE WHATSAPP NUMBER CHANGE FOR EMPLOYEES? No, the only difference is that our WhatsApp name has changed to Jem and our profile photo has changed to our new logo.

We have sent three announcements to all registered employees to notify them about the rebrand:
Date: 10/11: Announcement 1 - Teaser: Notify employees that we are changing names from SmartWage to Jem.

Date: 14/11: Announcement 2 - Launch Day: Notify employees that the new Jem brand has launched.

Date 21/11: Announcement 3 - informing employees that our WhatsApp name and logo have changed.


WHY HAS THE NAME ON THE WHATSAPP LINE CHANGED? Since SmartWage has changed their brand to Jem, we have changed our name across all platforms to reflect our new brand.
SINCE SMARTWAGE HAS CHANGED TO JEM, DOES JEM STILL OFFER THE SAME SERVICES? We will still offer all of the same services as before. Kindly visit our Whatsapp line on 060 096 0856 to access any of our services.
CAN I STILL CONTACT YOU USING THE SAME HELPLINE AS BEFORE? Our contact details have stayed the same. For any queries please call us 087 058 0944 or WhatsApp our customer service team on 060 083 1090.
CAN I STILL USE THE SAME ADVANCE LINE AS BEFORE? Yes, the number to request an advance is still 060 096 0856. Please save this number under the new name “Jem” and not “SmartWage.”
WHY HAS THE COMPANY CHANGED ITS NAME? We have changed our name to reflect a new strategy to offer more HR services that are tailored to your specific needs.