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Spotlight on Success (1)
Triya GovenderJan 17, 2024 8:18:42 PM2 min read

Spotlight on success with Lukhona Sitole

Few industries demand as much resilience and adaptability as the private security industry in South Africa. After sitting down with GM of Prosec Guards, Lukhona Sitole, it’s clear that his blend of determination, grit and innovative thinking, is the secret to his success in this sector. Lukhona's journey into private security was far from conventional. Driven by a passion for public safety and a keen sense of community responsibility, he ventured into the private security sector with a vision to transform and modernise it. His approach is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and observations, making his venture not just a business, but a mission.


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We recently chatted to Lukhona about his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for the sector. One of the most pressing issues he identifies is the need for advanced technology integration. The traditional methods, while still relevant, are not sufficient to tackle the evolving nature of security threats. Lukhona envisions a sector that leverages cutting-edge technology, including AI and digital surveillance, to enhance security measures. 


Lukhona is an advocate for innovation and adaptability. He sees the integration of technology not just as a tool for security, but also as a means to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. This is precisely why he adopted Jem into his business - to reduce the operational burden associated with time consuming and costly HR and payroll processes that actually added little value to his business. 


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Another significant challenge Lukhona highlights is the training and welfare of security personnel. He believes that the effectiveness of any security service lies in the hands of its employees. As such, providing comprehensive training and ensuring the well-being of staff is not just a necessity but a priority. Lukhona’s perspective on this matter reflects his commitment to ‘doing good business’ in an industry that he believes is actually all about making a positive social impact.


Lukhona’s entrepreneurial spirit is characterised by a blend of pragmatism and visionary thinking. He is not just responding to the current needs of the private security sector but is also anticipating its future challenges. His approach is a beacon for others in the industry, highlighting the importance of innovation, ethical practices, and community involvement.


As he continues to navigate the complex world of private security, Lukhona remains committed to his vision of a safer, more connected community. He believes that the private security sector is critical to the success of the country in general, stating "Whatever our 2030 development goals are, we won’t achieve them until we sort out safety and security!". His journey is not just about building a successful business, but about creating a lasting impact in an industry vital to public safety and trust.


Triya Govender

Triya is the Head of Marketing & Client Experience at Jem, an African technology company that is making HR & Payroll easier using WhatsApp.