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Digitise Your HR &
Payroll Processes
Using WhatsApp

Add Jem to your HR and Payroll systems to instantly send payslips, eradicate loan requests and send critical information to your employees using WhatsApp.

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Send Payslips, Cut Loan Requests &
Send Critical Information Through WhatsApp

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Send payslips through WhatsApp
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Eliminate loan requests
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Send critical information

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Send Payslips

Through WhatsApp

Ditch paper payslips! Our WhatsApp solution sends payslips instantly and is 10x faster than printing. POPI compliant and hassle-free.

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South Africa's Leading Earned Wage Access Provider

Take the effort out of administering loans and empower your workforce with Earned Wage Access, a tool that lets employees withdraw a portion of their earnings before their normal payday.


Jem Works With Your Existing HR & Payroll System

Jem is an add-on and compatible with any HR & Payroll system. We take what you have and help you digitise your key HR processes. 

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Free For Employer
Free financial education chatbot
No cashflow impact
Custom recon file
The ability for employees to view their earnings balance

Minimum of 200 employees


From R4.90

Per employee per month

Password Protected
Visibility of the last 3 payslips
Employer dashboard & analytics
Payslips announcements

Minimum of R5,000 per month


From R8.90

Per employee per month

Workforce segmentation by job, level, location or branch
Text and multimedia messaging
Surveys and engagement reports

Minimum of R5,000 per month

Get Set Up Fast

Forget about long implementations and expensive consultants. Give us a day to set you up with Jem and we'll give you back weeks of your time.

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Password Protected & POPI Compliant

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  • Discuss your key problems and explore tools that could help solve them
  • Get pricing based on your size and needs.